Hiya! My name’s Madhu.


I’m a 24-year-old who completed my MBA in July 2017 (in Bangkok!) and I’ve got a lot to say, do, see, create and be grateful for. Here’s my little corner of the internet where I can gush about things or ideas or people or places that I love. We’re all about good vibes here. I hope you enjoy delving into my life, travels, thought journals and photos. The meaning behind LYL is explained in my first post here. 

2-28-2010 4;02;13 PMOh, the places I’ve lived truly span the globe. I was born in New Delhi, moved to Abu Dhabi and then landed myself in Houston. Yeah, I have a full Indian family and I’m proud of it. Though sometimes my family is loud and a bit embarrassing, they are extremely loving and supportive and ridiculous. Just wanted to give them a shoutout before talking about myself.


When we moved to Houston in 1997, we hopped from apartment to apartment. I’ve occupied many bedrooms throughout my lifetime, most of them shared with my sister or a roommate. So, the IKEA-loving, Goodwill-addicted side of me emerged at a young age. My mum probably noticed it when I begged her to buy a cart-load of Hawaiian decor for my room at the ripe age of 8. The next year I simply needed a window seat for my American Girl Doll. The next year I begged for all things blue & green–bright, lime green. This green obsession continue for at least 8 more years and I had the lime green Ford Fiesta to prove it.

papa dfsa

As my mom was not one to spoil her children,
she didn’t let me buy new furniture, clothes, nail polish and such every time my taste changed. This was an extremely smart economic decision on her part seeing as my taste changes SO OFTEN. I think I’m slowing down now that I’m an ~adult~, but I still get sick of clothes. Also, I’m grateful that I had to get creative at the dollar store or with upcycling things we already had. That’s how I became a natural DIY-er or out-of-the-box thinker, probably. Hooray for not always getting what you want! (Cause if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need?)

austriaThere isn’t much of a story behind our extensive travels besides the fact that we prioritize it. Some families save their money on throwing massive, showstopping parties or getting a designer to deck out their crib or pimping their rides (Have I transitioned into a TV show host on MTV in 2003? Maybe. I’m not opposed). We saved to visit our family in India/California and our friends in other places around the world. My parents are definitely the people to thank for following through with their exploring dreams. The lovely photo featured here to the right showcases myself (in Austria circa 2006) sporting braces and clothes that I’ve long since outgrown. Oh and my sister on the right wearing my Harry Potter jacket I have long since lost in the hallways of my middle school somewhere.

So, here we
 are then. I spent most of my life in Texas doing the school/university thing. I worked as a photographer in Austin and Houston, saving up money for all of 2015. I traveled with my friends. I started an MBA and worked in Finance in London until March 2017. Then, I was in Bangkok conducting interviews and fieldwork for my dissertation. What’s next? I sure as hell don’t know. But I’m excited.

Young Lion

Tell me what you think :)

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