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Creativity Audit

“She’s the creative one,” my parents would regularly say to me and anyone who asks about their children. I heard this so much growing up that I started doing that thing we’re socialized to do with compliments; shrug and deny them while thanking the person for their graciousness. However, is it really a compliment to call someone creative? Or is it just pointing out a trait that you notice? Also, is creativity a muscle you have to practice or you lose it?

I’m posting this because I have to post SOMETHING. I’m sick of making excuses for not completing my creative projects. Let’s see how I did on my 2018 creative resolutions shall we?

I kept my 2018 resolutions because it was important to me this year. Once you reach your mid twenties (I’m 25 now), you realize that there is no structure or person pushing you or setting goals for you. Not school. Not work. It’s all you. Nothing teaches you this lesson and makes you question why your life choices more than having to wake up every 2 hours in the night to make sure your 5 pound puppy doesn’t soil his bed and have to sleep in it. Now, that’s what I call music responsibility. Alright, let’s get into the resolutions. These are just a few of them examined, but I actually didn’t do too badly.

2018 resolutions.jpg
  1. Read 24 books / I’ve done 20 and it’s December 7th. However, I’m going on a beach holiday in 2 weeks, so you can bet your bottom dollar I’m reaching this goal!
  2. Make a video of home decor / It’s here! I did the thing!
  3. Monthly Photoshoots / Lol I did a few photoshoots? maybe 6/12 months?
  4. London Short Story / Didn’t happen, but there’s a good reason for this. It’s too much nostalgia.
  5. Fill my small sketch book / although I’m not sure this happened, I’m completely comfortable with it because I did sketch more in general. More on that later.

Alright. That’s enough about goals and expectations. Here are a few things that fueled me creatively in 2018. And how they’ll contribute to making 2019 the year of ~*~imagination~*~.

Rookie Mag // Rookie is shutting down very soon, so I thought it fitting to begin 2019 in homage to it. I’m not making excuses as to why I can’t talk about body image issues, growing up Brown in Texas, or any other relatable topic that could help someone else. Rookie contributors are unafraid to talk about the topics that young women need guidance on, myself included. If I ever have any life, career, or emotional issue that’s causing me anxiety, I simply search on Rookie and someone has written calming words about it. You know how special that is? It’s pretty amazing. I will never be able to replace it, but I can certainly create content in its honor. That’s literally what I get paid to do: create content. So why not do it for the good of womankind?

Venetia Falconer // Specifically, her podcast on food, Talking Tastebuds. A lot of media and written pieces out there on food are either wrong, triggering, or just unhelpful. Talking Tastebuds doesn’t talk about what you should and shouldn’t do. Venetia interviews people who work with food to find out how they built their relationship with it, what works for them, and what they wish they knew when they were younger. I’ve been intermittent fasting, cooking loads, feeling more stable energy levels, consuming less bad stuff in general, and eating more plant-based. All in all really proud of how I’m ending the year diet-wise. Will level up in 2019!

Houseplants & Hot SauceHoly. Crap. This BOOK. It’s actually a seek & find illustrated book with scenes from a young, cool woman’s life basically. I stared at each spread for ages, photocopied a few so I could make them my personal laptop background, work computer background, print them for my wall, and put them in my phone case as a background. Casually. Lauren gave me the book for my birthday when I was visiting her in Boston. The scenes, the details, the characters, the feminism–it’s just the perfect storm of inspiration and beauty. Here’s the photocopy of a scene of a girls’ bathroom at a club that I desperately printed on two pieces of printer paper and stuck together. She doesn’t sell prints of this book, ok!

Decorating the New House / I moved into a a duplex house in August with my friend Matt. My first tip is…see the house in the daylight first if you have plants. I have a limited number of spots I can put the plant babies that require lots of sunlight, so I wish I hadn’t viewed the house on a rainy day. Otherwise, I am finally loving my space after 3 months of living here. The pictures below are actually before I decided my final arrangement…which I can blog about another day. Right now I’m lying in my bed with my puppy, Chai, staring at my Himalayan salt lamps and peacock feathers and map of Hackney. Perfectly in bliss.

The Sorry Girls / This Canadian, DIY duo is full of positivity and run a freaking business. I haven’t done most of their DIYs, but watching their videos inspires me to get more creative with thrifting and painting and upcycling when it comes to home decor. I definitely need DIY to trickle into other parts of my consumerism in 2019 (like clothes and beauty) because it’s so fulfilling.

Honestly, other small things really affect my creative mind. Conversations with friends, a few moments of intentional stretching or yoga, tending to my plants, spending a night in with myself, taking Chai to parks or Yard Bar.

The last few months have been ones of internal healing, reflection, and growth. Which leads to more creativity. I’m stuck with me for the rest of my life, so I might as well enjoy my own company. Let me leave you with an epic tweet from The Slumflower.

“I believe that we’re the generation that are going to access a level of consciousness that generations before us weren’t able to because there were too many painful distractions.”

Looking forward to 2019, pals.


Young Lion


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