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End of 2017

Funnily enough, I now sort of blog for a living. I could say that’s why my public, personal blog hasn’t been updated. But it’s more that the reality of having a public blog hit me a few months ago. It’s not like I post all my musics, lofty dreams I’m secretly scared to admit, voice recordings I want to fashion into podcasts, or wish lists for material and immaterial desires. But I want to.


This also isn’t me saying that 2018 is the year I’m going to start posting these things. I recently moved back to America to start an exciting, creative job in a new industry. The excitement of finding a new home, decorating, reuniting with some of my dearest friends, finally feeling like I have time to relax, and ridding myself of impermanence anxiety wore off after the first month. Now, I go through waves of sadness. I sorely miss London and many people who are scattered around the world. As much as I hate being the person who says “No, you don’t get it,” I have become that person. Not including the other Americans who were in my grad program, most people have not spent almost 2 years living abroad before willingly returning to a country led by…a cheeto.


Okay, so my emotions about moving back are complicated at best and panic attack-inducing at worst. I live alone in a studio apartment now. I drive instead of taking the tube. I don’t have a schedule full of friend hangouts and fun. I actually WANT to spend nights in. And I’ve grown wary of unwanted attention from Instagram & Facebook, so I’ve become private. WHICH ISN’T ME AT ALL. I used to blab and my friend even called me Madrama because there was always a new story. Mainly, I don’t feel myself. Eventually, I’ll adjust to this new way of life. It’s just going to take longer this time around.


However, I want to use my newfound alone time to properly do the things I enjoy. So, I figured I’d leave a list here to remind myself of all the things I can do when I feel nostalgic. This isn’t a New Years Resolutions thing. As determined as I am to make 2018 a success, I just want to feel content.

  1. DIY some sort of home decor
  2. Casually browse Craigslist for hidden gems
  3. Yoga with Adrienne
  4. Buy magazines to collage with
  5. Sketch a celebrity or scene from a movie
  6. Hike Zilker/Redbud Isle and pet the dogs
  7. Buy a new plant baby
  8. Binge watch Parks and Recreation
  9. Call a long-distance friend or family member to catch up
  10. Make a list of exciting things to look forward to + be thankful for
  11. Listen to woke podcasts
  12. Goodwill. Duh.
  13. WRITE FOR YOURSELF. Anything. Short story. Diary. Fanfiction lol.
  14. Cook
  15. Clean through my laptop files, backup all my electronics, do all those things I’ve been putting off really
  16. Make a one-on-one hang with a local friend

Young Lion

P.S. Happy holidays ❤



2 thoughts on “End of 2017

  1. Saloni says:

    Yoga with Adrienne – I’m down for that too! we should check in with each other

    also LOL @ Madrama. gonna call you that forever


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