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As this blog is meant to act as my (very public) diary, I had the urge a few days ago to share how looking back at these photos made me feel.

For many (somewhat inexplicable/somewhat grounded in logic) reasons, I wasn’t feeling too hot on my birthday emotionally. HOWEVER I had a lil birthday brunch with these four pricks (please refer to the sign above their heads) the day before, Saturday August 26th, and it was such a lovely time that it brings a smile to my face to think of it. For some people, it’s quite difficult to describe why their happy. Or why they love those they love. It’s not difficult for me. I should add “gushing about friends” to my CV, really.

Basically, we all had a gorgeous vegan meal at one of my favorite restaurants in London, The Gallery Cafe┬áin Bethnal Green. As someone who has tried most things on the menu, I was stoked to find that we could sit in the sprawling back garden because the weather was divine! We ordered three bowls of loaded fries on top of a few mains (I recommend the burger highly–HUGE portion!) and chatted away. I felt I could’ve burst from food, laughter, and joy. Then, we roamed for some ice cream, stopped at the charity shop next door, were offered some confusing and unsolicited directions to an ice cream place, laughed more. Blissful afternoon.

That night I stayed in the lux The Laslett hotel because I had planned to go to Notting Hill the next morning for my actual birthday. No pictures from the festival, but LOOK AT THIS STYLING. It was a literary theme and just so gorgeous. Also, the absolutely English charm of Notting Hill is still not lost on me. When I lived in London, I lived East. So West London always sort of feels like a dream. And another city altogether. I took a solo-walk through the high street to do a little shopping around 7:30pm and caught the last light of day, tourists casually looking for dinner, locals doing a few last minute food shops before the madness of Carnival descends, and shopkeepers boarding up their store fronts to protect themselves. I wanted to sit and sketch, but I also wanted to have a long sleep in the plush beds. Highly recommend this hotel.

Rounded off my birthday evening with dinner at Darwin Brasserie. Mama and Papa drove into London for me! Those two hate driving into town, so I knew it was pure love. In my humble opinion, the SkyGarden beats all the other tall buildings by a landslide. Although I enjoy the view atop the Tate Modern, the building closes to soon so you usually can’t see sunset (in the summer, that is). SkyGarden is free entry (if you book 3 months in advance baha!), has an actual GARDEN and life, massive windows so that everyone has a view, two bars so you can walk around with your drinks, ample seating, and just a friendlier vibe. I am not into the three course, expensive meals offered at other viewpoints. So, I had a great time. It was a little break from stressing about ~~the future~~

Basically, I wanted to write this post to immortalize the good parts of my day. Yeah, emotionally felt distant and lonely at times, but that’s part of growing up. Once you leave school, birthdays become less big. My birthday last year I was both in school AND working, so I had double the amount of people around me. I think more intimate birthdays are in store for the future. Many of you have already figured this out, but please be patient with me. I’m young. I’m learning.


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