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There is no place like Hong Kong. I’m probably wrong, actually. I’ve not been anywhere else in East Asia, but DAYUM Hong Kong is the most gorgeous mix of natural beauty, almost unbelievably tall buildings, a massive local art scene, and efficient public transportation. Yeah, I know that last one isn’t too glamorous, but it’s useful for everyone involved. Let me show you how I spent three days in aesthetic heaven.

~*~*~Before we go any further, please listen to THIS SONG while reading. For the right vibes~*~

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My three closest friends and I flew from Hanoi (blog post pending oops) to Hong Kong and arrived late at night. Our Uber driver kindly let us blast sing-a-long songs (Moana soundtrack, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Beautiful Soul…the works). In between songs, I sat agape looking at the city lights. I highly recommend taking an Uber if there isn’t surge pricing + you have four people in your group. It is such a wonderful way to fall into a city, because you can’t quite see the same from the airport express link, although it is cheaper and more quicker most of the time. Anyway, we ventured off after checking into the gorgeous Dorsett Wanchai hotel. We chose it because Wanchai/Central is hipster. Sorry not sorry, we’re young twenty-somethings who want to be close to all the coffee shops and vintage stores, okay? OH and they had free candy in the evenings at this hotel. We were chuffed.

Most of the photos above are from our first dinner location — Ichiran for RAMEN! For the first time ever, I sat in my own cubicle. We all did. It was the loneliest meal, but perfect for quick dining + solo dining. And my friends were real hungry. I just ordered a $6 Matcha latte (shed a few tears over how expensive it was). However, that was the going rate for a caffeinated beverage in HK. Not a cheap place, my friends. Much shock after Hanoi tbh.

Our first full day we were determined to hike up to Victoria Peak. However, the heat and the steep incline put us off and we just took the tram after waiting in quite the queue. But of course, the tram ride (round trip) is worth it, because the view of the city is special. There is an absolutely free & shaded hiking trail up there which has multiple picture-worthy spots free of leaves etc. Being the extra group of people we are, we had a photoshoot up there with our phones & Instax camera. It was a ball though.

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Also we had dim sum! I only ever eat dim sum with my friend Vivian because she is the queen of finding good places that are also amazingly affordable. The picture of the cute pork bun at the beginning was our first dim sum place. My favorite are the shrimp dishes mmmm.

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We ended the night at our friend’s place in Hotel Icon with a gorgeous view sitting next to a pool. Honestly, I felt like I was not leading my own life. Swanky hotel, amazing nighttime view? Yeah, if I could live every night like that, I’d move to Hong Kong in a heartbeat.

Okay, I can’t go in chronological order but there is a mixture of neon signs, aesthetic shop interiors, and the smattering of global products. We found it surprisingly difficult to find boutiques that sold items made from locals! There were a few (pricey, of course) places in PMQ, which was not surprisingly a trendy place with a bit of history. Anyway, the items mainly hailed from fashion/trend capitals of the world (Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Brooklyn, Paris, etc). It is eye candy, though. I was the heart-eye emoji literally the whole time. Thank GOD I didn’t have much money.


Hong Kong was a British Colony until 1997, so I sort of felt like I was back in London when we were walking around the streets. The way everything was laid out, the clean public transport, the brands, the cleanliness. It felt very British at times. Also, loads of expats fill the city. I actually made a friend when we visited the Lush store. It was a flagship store, so I thought I’d check for any HK unique items. The lady that approached me to help is called Nic and she was SO sweet & open & we ended up just chatting about life. This isn’t really relevant, but she worked on Lush’s International Team so she would go into stores around the world as a consultant. Her job sounded like such a dream & we bonded over our love of the blogger Estee Lalonde. I follow her on Instagram now 🙂

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In the end, all I purchased was a gorgeous bright indigo skirt from a secondhand shop. And I was extremely pleased. My new style of shopping is to EXHAUST ALL OPTIONS and only purchase something that fits well, is eco-friendly, the right price, and exactly what I want. This does involve dragging myself & my friends to many many stores. Love you girls endlessly for putting up with it (heh).

And there we are. A little Hong Kong diary! I have been telling everyone to go to HK so often that it’s getting embarrassing. I spent more time looking & observing my surroundings than speaking with my friends. And I definitely want to go back.


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