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Right, so sometimes you have a holiday where you did and saw multiple things and you cannot wait to gush about it to all of your friends. Other times, you have a holiday where you did a whole lot of nothing and just enjoyed it in the moment. You recall it fondly and wish you were still there. This is the latter, so I won’t ruin the beauty of these places with my (semi) inane thoughts and musings.

June 2016 // Please note that I was extremely creatively inspired by the aesthetics of the stark white & crisp blues & tanned bodies. It felt like a magical dreamland that I must revisit with a significant other. That’s one of the cheesiest destinations, I know. However, those candlelit, cobblestoned streets are MADE for strolling along hand-in-hand.


My mother planned this trip for our family and booked our fabulous lodging. The first place in Santorini was exactly what you envision when you think about Greek homes–complete white stucco(?) inside and out with accents of deep blue. The bath was massive, as in fits 4 people at once, and tiled. We drove to the black sand beach, but reposed on the white sand beaches.


My family loves a bit of history, though I can’t say the same for myself, so we visited a few ruins. Much to my excitement, they were covered and air conditioned. The tour guide went into full detail on every room and ancient tool in the ruins, so it’s definitely worth a visit if you are interested in history. We drove to the high point for sweeping views of the city–as you can see in the photos above. I highly recommend you do this for a night view, because I just used an extra smartphone flashlight and took some romantic pictures of my parents. Also my dad took an eerie picture of me looking like a ghost of someone who might have jumped from the top. The wind was quite strong, so stay safe.


At night, we explored the many boutiques of Oia. Literally, I could’ve walked around and bought nothing all day and night. I just wanted to capture the bookstores, sparkling jewelry, many summery-dress-clad tourists/couples, magenta flowers, dimmed lights, and stray cats roaming. We stopped into the famous Atlantis bookstore (my friend Vivian actually bought me a tote bag from here before!) for a bit of our favorite past-time. Bookstores in foreign countries are the absolute best, because the selection is always interesting and speaks volumes (don’t mind my pun) on the culture and literary habits of the people who live there.

At the checkout counter, there was a small book of David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water,” which is my all-time favorite commencement speech (and possibly any speech!). I picked it up in excitement and the book store worker started to chat with me about how he loves DFW as well. Connection made in Santorini.


The views from the Santo Wines Winery were so enamoring that I had to let you scroll through them in all their glory. There was wedding happening that I wasn’t allowed to take photos of, but I had to showcase how perfect the backdrop was. Props to their wedding planner. Again, I took an embarrassing amount of photos as we drank copious volumes of wine and ingested more olives and cheese than I had eaten all year. We left with three bottles of wine that we saved to only drink when we were together again as a family (which was December). This sunset was one of the more memorable moments of the trip.


Then, we headed to Mykonos via ferry. Now, the house we were renting was absolutely SICK. It was massive, cavernous, had a very luxurious feel and extremely tall windows overlooking the lighthouse on the next hill. The house itself was on a cliff by the sea as well. Also, my mum said it was the cheapest place we were staying in the whole trip?!

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Aesthetically, I preferred Mykonos’ town. It was near the water, but sprawling. At night, you could be sitting at a typical restaurant for dinner and overlook the blue tops of all the white buildings and just take in the scenic sight while being part of the hustle and bustle. My parents were tired after walking around the windmills on the other side of the town, but my sister and I walked up and down the strip.





Of course, there was beaching. But again, we were never stressed or busy. There was no time crunch. We also had a cheeky little family photoshoot at the lighthouse. Honestly, I love and cherish these photos so much that I don’t even want to share all of them with the internet. While simultaneously I want to share the feeling of being on a cliff overlooking the ocean with everyone. It’s frustrating heh.



And on the last leg of our journey, we flew to Italy and had a scenic drive down the coast from Naples to Positano to Amalfi. I loved Amalfi the most actually, because it was much smaller and less extravagant. The sun was setting in the most perfect way when we were walking onto the pier to take photos of the Italian town carved into the cliffs. Seriously, do you believe it’s real? I still don’t.

The rest of my family took a boat to Capri, but I had to fly back to London early because I needed to get back to work (terrible, I know!)

And that’s all. Literally the most luxurious holiday we’ve been on. Tied with Switzerland, because damn those chocolates are not cheap. That’s a post for another day, I suppose!

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