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My London Bedroom

Most of us saw our bedrooms as an almost holy place, safe space, and sanctuary from the annoyances just outside the door. We plastered posters and photos and stickers and art on our walls. If you were like me, you didn’t feel happy until your space reflected the way you wanted to be seen by others. And the person you wanted to be–which was constantly changing.

Recently, there was an exhibit at the Geffrye Museum about teenage bedrooms. Yes, I’m completely aware that I am far from a teenager, but I related so much to these wild kids. They were completely and unabashedly expressing themselves with the items they chose to display and the word they chose to share.

(This was written when I still lived in London, so it’s in present tense) As with every space I inhabit, I don’t want to forget my bedroom in London. My sanctuary is filled with photos of the people I love, instant and film and digital prints. It also features art from my friends or of my friends. And comprehensive, multi-media mood-boards that change monthly. And just life inspiration. And a good amount of plants (which are alive!) and soft blankets.

This London room saw me through late nights from fun, school and sadness. It was always quick to heat up or cool down. I spent countless hours looking out the window to the view of the city buildings and gorgeous East London sunsets. There just isn’t a way for me to accurately reflect the magic this place will hold for me. Forever. The best room I’ve had.


Sipping an almond-milk latte from Grounded coffee company in Whitechapel (down the road from my flat), the rays of sun illuminating the snowflakes decorating the whole wall of smudged windows, I cannot help but be filled with affection for London. I’m aware that it’s in fact a large metropolitan, but each neighborhood or area I visit feels like its own town full of interesting people with a beautiful universe of people, thoughts, ambitions, experiences and, most importantly, potential. I see the potential in everyone’s life in London.


Looking back at the these photos make me yearn for my year in London. I’m not sure if it was the city that welcomed me, the people I met, or the experiences that I created. Even thinking about it fills me with gratitude.

Whenever I leave, I look forward to returning. When I return, I feel the anxious thoughts in my mind cease. I feel at peace. I’ll be back for you, L.

Young Lion


Semi-unrelated but I re-watched this video I made about selling my childhood home. I recommend you check  it out (and all my other embarrassing Youtube vids)


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