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In this massively overdue post: top-tier brunches, friend reunions, a peacock and many many laughs.

Two of my good girl friends (Kathy & Lauren) and I trekked it to Copenhagen on an early flight out of Luton back in early June. As soon as we arrived, we were ready to drink some Carlsbergs (AKA the most refreshing beer ever). So, we naturally dropped our stuff off at our hostel and found our way to the central area, walking past the train station and Tivoli.

After a bit of a lazy lunch where I ate shrimp for the first time in 5 months, we were down to clown. That is, we wanted to go and seek adventure. Thrill. Could you imagine living in a city where an adorable, clean amusement park is one of the central attractions? Neither could we. But we were down.

We sprang for the unlimited ride tickets, queued for an insanely short time (compared to American amusement park queues) and roamed the whimsical streets of Tivoli. I highly recommend a visit if you’re young or young at heart. There was plentiful food as well.

Then, we finished off the day with some sweets and went to our hostel to get ready for drinks with Lauren’s Danish friend. Reunions!

The next day had to begin with a cheeky Joe & the Juice. Considering it also has branches in London, we might have been too excited about the place. The vanilla & avocado smoothie was just so sweet & refreshing. Big fan. Anyway, then we met up with my good friend Iben. She studied abroad at MY university in Texas and we were flatmates for about 5 months. She’s one of the most lovely and wise woman I know. She biked to us in the traditional Danish way.

And now, I present to you one of the coolest brunch places I’ve ever been to, Wulff + Konstali.


The aesthetic was KEY. Just cute, clean, colorful and perfect on a sunny day. The bean bags provided were clutch. The food came in small bowls so you can order 5 or 7. I ordered 5 and it was definitely enough for me. There isn’t an English menu really, so beware! Good we had Iben to translate for us.


The rest of the afternoon we did a lot of walking around the area & to Christiania. Love the whole hippie vibes (communal living etc.) but got a bit scared in the spots where we couldn’t take pictures due to “illicit activities” that occurred. It just didn’t go with the vibes of the rest of the day.


On our walk to the famous Nyhavn canal area, we stumbled up on the city’s free trampolines! Cannot believe more cities haven’t thought of this. It just showcases the Danish commitment to happiness, honestly.


After much time just lounging by the canal and sharing a dessert, we all needed a collective nap. So, we headed back to the hostel to do just that. Then, we were ready to stuff our faces. Actually, a bunch of our other friends were also in Copenhagen that weekend so we saw a whole slew of them at the street food warehouse. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of food options, as I am in any market. So, I went with what I knew. Greasy, fried Chinese food.

We had more laughs, more pints, a beautiful view of the sunset and a tiring day. It was lights out by midnight for us, much to our hostel-mates’ surprise.

The last day is where the magic happened. Well, I felt a magical connection to the trip and to my friends come that final day. Lauren brought us to the most picturesque brunch spot ever called Paludan. It’s basically a bookstore with many levels, old smelly books and an art gallery/communal workspace. But also they serve a hearty, inexpensive brunch. I got the veggie brunch, too! Can you believe they had that option?

Honestly, the pictures speak for themselves. It was SO delish and we couldn’t finish everything. I recommend you do not get anything else if you go.


After that, we climbed up the round tower for a small fee, looked at this city that had welcomed us the past few days and peaced out. I’m thankful for the warm Danes, the great weather and the laughs. I think I’d return (this was my second time in the city, actually), but it would be such a different trip with anyone besides my girls ❤




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