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Right now I’m in Texas with a head cold, but all I can think about is Portland. I’m watching and possibly re-watching episodes of Portlandia. I’ve never visited a new city knowing that I’d return, possibly to live there.

As soon as we drove into Portland, we were in awe of how the hills, bridges, water and cityscape combined to form the city. Of course, we had been told that Portland was just as weird and great as Austin. And we all love Austin (recap: spent the formative years of college in that town), but we LOVED Portland. First off, the houses we drove by were all so typically Pacific Northwest and we wanted to move into every single one. So, obviously staying in the basement of a house via Airbnb near Division St. was the ideal choice. As soon as we checked in, we hit up the food trucks! Of course, we’re no strangers to food trucks.

Then, we got some Stumptown and walked around a bit at Mount Tabor. Ugh those trees & the view of the mountains to the East and downtown. The air is fresh, the dogs are out and there’s no shortage of trails to walk. We also stumbled upon a marching band from outer space?

Anyway, things sped up after our brisk walk. We headed to a Japanese dinner downtown after walking around the Japanese Internment Camp Memorial Waterfront Park. At the restaurant, we stumbled upon some sort of mixer between Japanese exchange students. It was weird & cool.


Then, we pre-gamed our night with a bit of Powell’s books & Buffalo Exchange. Downtown was just so walkable and not hilly like SF and way cleaner than Seattle. What is this magical place?!?!

Then, we went to sleep & woke up to a light rain and our Airbnb hosts’ cat, Simon trying to cuddle us. It was beautiful and we’ll never forget it. The next morning was a typical hip brunch (in the basement of a hotel I think?) and topped it all off with some donuts. After driving to the airport to drop off Matt, we got some more coffee and drove back to Seattle.

My head is a bit too cloudy to fully write out my thoughts, but I hope the pictures speak for themselves. I’ll link to place we visited below & add more here later.

Burger Guild / Azul Tequila / Stumptown / Mount Tabor / Kale / Powell’s / Buffalo Exchange / Bailey’s Taproom / Scandal’s / Ground Kontrol / Simpatica Diner for Brunch / Blue Star Donuts 

Young Lion


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