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Pirates of Penzance

Feels like I’m in another world. I haven’t had a night in since I moved back to Houston. So, now that my sister is here, we can spend quality time in the warm apartment while it thunderstorms outside. Perfect time to reminisce on my beautiful, autumnal visit to Cornwall back in October with my parentals.


We first hit up Stourhead in pursuit of fall colors. And boy did we find them.





It’s so strange to look back on these photos because they do feel like a very long time ago. Also, Houston doesn’t have fall colors and I definitely miss them. As a photographer and general lover of art/artist, I value the aesthetic quality of my life and my activities. So yeah, I do go to places just for the beauty. We walked around the grounds taking photos and imagining a life lived with a large expanse of an estate. Then, we drove a few more hours, checked into our Airbnb in a cute little apartment with a patio (where I stargazed) and caught some much-needed Z’s.

The next day is when we visited Eden Project–AKA the reason we made this whole trip. For those of you who don’t know, my mother has a green thumb. She’s the one who taught me everything I know about plants and gardening (which is probably 10% of what she knows). She probably inspired my love of nature in general. Anyway, she had been talking about going to Eden Project during the summer because she wanted to see all the flowers. However, car/license complications ensued and we couldn’t make it. But it was less crowded in the autumn!







Obviously, there was a cafe and it was filled with healthy foods. I’m pretty sure there was a quinoa & cous cous salad. I also saw the quinoa plant!! THE MOTHERSHIP!! Anyway, we had our dog and didn’t want to take her into the forest biome so my father sat out of that one. It was humid & hot in the rainforest biome (obviously) so we ditched our coats and grabbed a Baobab smoothie. Mum didn’t like it, but I thought it was good! I’m also into most superfoods in general.


Then, we dropped Pixie off in the car park (which, by the way, isn’t close to the Eden Project so make sure you have everything you need and don’t need to make frequent trips to your car) and took my dad into the Mediterranean Biome. Not quite sure the point of this biome seeing as more Brits are familiar with Italy/Greece/Spain and its produce. But it was pretty beautiful! Look at that live curtain of plants.


All of a sudden, we were in the middle of a body art showcase. Half-naked men & women come out of nowhere, covered in beautifully painted designs promoting causes or just being art.


We returned to the rainforest biome because I really wanted to walk onto the sky platform at the top. It was closed when mum and I were in there.





Overall, it was a cool experience. My favorite part was learning about where the superfoods come from. Also it really made me want to travel the world EVEN MORE because there were so many weird foods to try and plants to see. Everything is so exciting sometimes.

Then we drove to the Heritage Coast to check out the views. They did not disappoint. I loved that we saw it right after sunset so everything was a bit moody and blue.


The next day was my FAVORITE because we went to Minack Theatre. It’s a space for plays carved into the rock of a cliff. But the best part is that it was started by a strong, independent woman with spare money and a love of the arts. Basically life goals. She lived in this GORGEOUS location and got to watch entertainment and art from famous, talented actors. Pretty great life, right?

There wasn’t a play on when we went, but I really wish we had gone to watch one. What an experience that would’ve been! I also really loved the combination of succulents, cliffs, sand, gorgeous water and stone.









Then we headed to one of the most picturesque locations EVER– St. Michael’s Mount. A castle. On a hill. On an island. That can be accessed by foot at low tide, but only by boat at high tide. We couldn’t take Pixie in the boat to the island, so she had to be left in the car. Though the castle is owned by national trust so we had “free” entry, we still had to pay 2 pounds per adult. PER RIDE. A lil exploitative I’ll say.





Yes, the view from the castle was amazing. New goal: live in a castle on an island. Just kidding, but actually it’s a sweet deal. I don’t know how you can consider any of your modern-day problems a big deal with a view like that.

To end our day, we went to Land’s End. This will have been my second Land’s End visit! This time looking off into the Atlantic. In SF, it was overlooking the Pacific. Can’t say which one I prefer, really.



I did love that there were a few islands sprinkled just off the shore. One even had a little lighthouse on it!

Magically, the weather on our final day was the most perfect. Not a single cloud in the sky. So, naturally we went to the beach. Now this place (Kynance Cove) might be one of my favorite places…in the world. The colors and the combination of sea & sky & cliffs is PERFECTION.







Everyone and their dog was there, so we didn’t linger too long. Just took a little dip in the chilly waters and then headed off for tea just a mile away at Lizard Point. We got a jam doughnut that was HUGE AND GREAT. Highly recommend if you’re in the mood for a treat. Easily shared between three people.


Our last stop was the mystical Lost Gardens of Heligan. It was just me and mum zooming through, but they were quite diverting for children. Bridges, sculptures, PIGS, gardens, fountains, chickens, pastures, brooks. And there was a massive autumn sale in the plant shop so we bought stuff. Naturally.





And that’s it. Sorry I didn’t really write much. I’ve been pretty busy doing a full-time job and grad school apps. Life is still in flux, but I think my crystal ball is getting clearer. More on that later. Very happy that my parents prioritize life experiences and moments over material objects, because I definitely look back at our trips longingly. Never the things we had/didn’t have.

Have a good one! Put Cornwall on your wanderlust list! I swear there’s a ton more to do that I didn’t (scuba diving, hiking, general outdoorsy things)


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