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DIY NOT? // Dirt Cheap Art

Literally. Alright, I didn’t use dirt in this art. But the stuff I used was in close proximity to dirt. STICKS! A little backstory to this: I saw that a lot of my friends and ~Pinterest art~ involved using branches to hang jewelry and/or clothing from. However, I didn’t really need a way to display my jewelry or clothing. I’m a big believer in DIY, but only if I actually need the thing. I’m not gonna display some semi-shoddily-crafted thing unless it’s completely necessary. So, I thought up some utilitarian art! And I love it.


The two things I needed were: wall decor for my bedroom, because the walls were very blank when I started, and a towel holder for the bathroom. I wish I had taken a little stop-motion shots of how I created this thing, because who doesn’t love a gif, right? But I didn’t think that far in advance and I’m not professional, so we’ll have to deal. Basically, it’s super simple so I can talk you through it.

Start with a long stick. Obviously. make sure it’s pretty straight, unless you want some cool shape. Grab some sort of string or twin or rope (I used crafting twine) and cut a piece for to hang the stick with. I think I might shorten mine, but it’s always better to have it too long because the more you wrap it around the ends of the stick, the cooler it looks. Then cute a few pieces to hang your art by, the length actually doesn’t matter. I cut five of different lengths.


Then, tie the five twine pieces onto the twig equidistant from each other. Attach paper clips or binder clips to the end (if you have cool clips, by all means go for it!) and voila!

Then, hang your dowel with a thumbtack. I actually pressed the tack through the twine to be extra sure it doesn’t move.

Now it’s time to curate your art. As I’ve already said, the ART BOOKS, CHOCOLATE, GOOD VIBES print was inspired by this . And the geometric crystal/star/b&w print is straight from A Beautiful Mess. The thing on the far left is a postcard with an old tapestry print that mum bought from the National Trust gift shop. The picture in the middle is from our FIRST visit to England/London/EUROPE! I was 7 years old at stonehenge and pretty sure I was crying. I cried in like every photo before age 8. Parents thought they could cheer me up by sticking a camera in my face (little did they know the wonders that could’ve occurred if they had let me BEHIND the lens hmmm).

Lastly, the bad cat is an inside joke birthday card from my sister (I had a similar bad cat print hanging up in my freshman dorm room in college. That one is now with my friend as a “think of me fondly” sort of memento.)





The final thing you do should be adding the art. You want to see how it will hang, so that’s why you should do it after you hang up the dowel. So, I kind of went for the two larger pieces in the middle (I had done them in my sketchbook on sort of rough, larger than printer paper) and the smaller ones on the ends. I wanted the lengths to be random, so I wrapped the twin around the dowel a few times to get the right lengths. I’m really happy with how it turned out and the best part is that I can change it when I get sick of it! If I am here long enough to get sick of it, that is.


And then the towel holder is a mini version! This was way easier to make because I could just put it up with pushpin & didn’t need a long stick. I got a pretty straight twig and took a potato peeler to get off the rough spots. It’s a bit more important for this one to be smooth because you don’t want your baby hands or baby face to be stabbed with splinters of wood. Not a pretty thought.

That’s it! SO simple and practically free. If you don’t have an artistic hand (which I don’t believe. anyone can make art. art is anything.), then you can print stuff from the internet for like 10cents a page at the library. That is, if you don’t have your own printer. Really, there isn’t much of an excuse as to why you can’t make a house a home. Even on a SUPER strict budget. Like, if this is the only thing I have in my dorm room in grad school, I’ll be okay. Well, maybe something similar to this.

Though this one was super simple, I plan on tackling more difficult DIYs soon. When I have more materials, that is!


Young Lion


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