My Little Corner of the World

For me, my personal space is always a work in progress. Even when I lived in the same bedroom for 9 years, I never felt like it was ever completely finished. Though that feeling might be attributed to the fact that I was changing and growing mentally/emotionally so rapidly, I also think it’s because I’m fickle as hell. Case and point, I had an interior design blog for a short while. I’m not proud of how long it’s been since I updated it, but I also think it’s because the impermanence of my college living situations caught up to me. While my style was changing, I was also moving from place to place. Though, I wish I had high quality pictures of my last apartment in college, because that one was pretty close to my true sense of style. I loved that place (and I think my friends did too).

Now, I just want to have a documentation of every space I’ve lived in. It’s fun to see how my style changes! Even if it’s not 100% “me”, it’s where I choose to spend my time. For my room here in England, I did buy a few things to spruce it up, but all the furniture was already here and bought by my mother (whose taste is pretty different from mine in general).

window again

When I first came here, my mother had these cream & beige & brown curtains up that had already come with the house. They were excellent at their job–really, top notch sun blockers. However, they were not pretty. I won’t add insult to injury and show you a picture, but basically they looked like something you’d find in the as-is/bargain section in Ikea. For weeks.

So, I took those off and bought these super inexpensive, but quite sheer, grey curtains from IKEA. Little did I realize, they were around 20 inches too long. MEASURE YOUR CURTAINS, PEOPLE! But also these were so affordable that it wouldn’t be a big deal to get them hemmed or just do it yourself. I can’t be bothered right now, though. Also, I quite like that I can kind of see the sun through the curtains, because it’s important to enjoy it while I can. It’s not sunny forever here in England.

Shadows  Art and Cacti

I didn’t choose the lamps, but they function and they’re white so really not a big deal. The ombre, ocean-colored bedding is so calming as well. Good choice, mum!

Guess where I found that fun, already framed, B&W picture of two models on donkeys in Paris? The As-Is section in IKEA! Bargain! I think it was around £2 or £3 and I love it. The cacti I actually just picked up from IKEA for £4.50 so that was pretty awesome as well. They have so many different types and colored pots, so definitely check it out. Super easy to take care of, of course.

Plants galore

Hanging above my window (not a great place since you can’t actually see the plant) is a DIY macrame pot-holder that I made with a lil baby succulent inside. I’m going to figure out a way to make the holder longer so I can actually see my creation. And you can see my succulent bowl making a sneaky appearance on my windowsill. I’ll be honest–the bigger succulent isn’t doing too well. I don’t know why it’s browning because I definitely watered it enough. And I couldn’t have overwatered it because the smaller one is green as ever! Maybe the smaller one is sucking up all the nutrients? Can succulents do that??

Also, I don’t usually go for twee things like that mint-green watering can, but I really wanted to make it easy for me to water my plants. And it was £4 from T.K. Maxx so I wasn’t set back too much. No regrets, it’s pretty cute and goes with my blue/green color scheme.

I saved SO much money because all of the pots that I used were ones that my mother already had that were just lying around. She’s a bit of a hoarder, but it works to my advantage. They are super cute as well!

Vanity Style

Lastly, my vanity. Actually, there’s a whole bench & wall display but that’s for another post. I just covered the bench with a pretty silk curtain because it had terribly dated floral upholstery and wasn’t going with my light & airy vibe at all.

Anyway, the shell dish & tray are a tarnished silver from a dining set that my mother had lying around that she has literally never used. I’m pretty sure a family member gave it to us as an heirloom, because it isn’t tarnished on purpose like hip things from Anthropologie. Which, in my opinion, is a bonus. They’re very pretty/girly and perfect for something like a vanity that seems so vintage to me. I haven’t ever had a vanity. But I gotta say, it’s great. It makes my nighttime routine & makeup application so much easier & calming. No need to bend over the bathroom sink and impale my hips in order to see my waterline!

Mum bought this secondhand in England, maybe off Gumtree. The fairy lights are £4 from IKEA and they are LED! Green! I bought a pail & fake crystal rocks from IKEA as well to store my makeup brushes (it feels really fancy for me because I only bought most of those brushes last week). The twin-covered, wine bottle, bracelet display thing is from my art post. And the rest is perfumes/candle/facial mist/rings from my collection of beauty items.

I’m really at peace in my room, especially since it’s the only bedroom in the whole house that is always filled with sunlight. There you are, an accurate representation of where I’ve been spending my time since late June. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here, but once I leave it’ll be a guest room and I hope our guests will appreciate it just as much as I have.


Young Lion


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