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The Motherland

As someone who loves to write and almost always has something to say, I don’t usually let my pictures speak for themselves. This post is going to break that streak. My latest trip to India was the first one where I truly felt relaxed. I was returning after the most life-changing three years. Not because anything drastic happened, but because I just had a lot of growing up to do after my visit in 2012. And I did it. Not saying that I still don’t have more growing to do! Okay, clearly today isn’t the best day for words. I’m drafting personal statements for graduate school applications, so please forgive me. Prose isn’t really my forte right now.

I started off in New Delhi with my mother’s sister (and saw a whole slew of friends & family)

–>Nainital where my mother’s parents live

–> back to Delhi for a wedding reception

–> Jammu where my dad’s brother & his family live (so nice seeing my cousins)

–> Shahpur in Himachal Pradesh (my father’s parents live here)

–> back to Delhi to see my mother’s brother & his daughter

–> home (London)

Map of India Trip

But before I get into the photos–I’d like to say a big thank you to my family who are reading this. Thank you for hosting us (as always) and being warm & inviting. I know that it’s not exactly part of the culture in India to thank your family for seemingly small things (like a home-cooked meal), but I’m pretty American and we’re grateful people. Also, I don’t think that being related to someone means that they are obligated to be warm and kind and thoughtful. That is all out of the goodness within them. So, yeah. I’m very grateful to Nani, Mausi, Chachi and Dada-ji. I hope I expressed that when we stayed with you all–I definitely tried to!

On with the photos already!


Young Lion


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