Don’t Ruminate, Create!

I JUST finished a sketch book that I had since 2006. NO JOKE. My first page said

“Only Madhu can draw in this! (and her BFF -name omitted-)”

and then goes on to include notes that my BFF & I were writing to each other in homeroom. I also drew her! What a throwback.

Though my BFF and I lost touch, that freaking old sketch book really got me sentimental. The view from my sister’s bedroom window in our old house in Houston, painstakingly done sketches of my favorite women (Alexis Bledel, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Kristin Kreuk) that were actually not bad, rough sketches of my pets in their natural sleeping positions. Countless sketches of my hand while sketching (it’s really good practice if you have difficulties drawing hands). Even MORE sketches of characters I would write into short stories/novel ideas I had. Some Harry Potter fanart. Truly, it had it all.

I’m sad to see it go but so proud of myself. I lugged that sketchbook from house to middle school to high school to college dorm to college apartment(s) and then ENGLAND. Like damn I used the hell out of that.

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If you know me, you’re SICK of me talking about quinoa. BUT I LOVE IT. I need a “QUINOA” shirt (in the style of the KALE sweatshirt) so I can broadcast my love. But I can settle for this blog post.

I probably got into quinoa about 3 years ago when I realized that I could swap things out of my regular diet for healthier substitutes without really making an effort. I just realized that I actually liked the texture of it. And then I said goodbye to white rice (my fellow Indians will know that this is a BIG DEAL) because a new sheriff was in town. And he sounded way more exotic.

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The Motherland

As someone who loves to write and almost always has something to say, I don’t usually let my pictures speak for themselves. This post is going to break that streak. My latest trip to India was the first one where I truly felt relaxed. I was returning after the most life-changing three years. Not because anything drastic happened, but because I just had a lot of growing up to do after my visit in 2012. And I did it. Not saying that I still don’t have more growing to do! Okay, clearly today isn’t the best day for words. I’m drafting personal statements for graduate school applications, so please forgive me. Prose isn’t really my forte right now.

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