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A few years back, when I first went to Edinburgh, it was during my sort of Harry-Potter-tour-of-the-UK. Hilarious, I know. I love Harry Potter, and that’s putting it lightly. Anyway, I remember I would always tell people that I loved Edinburgh more than London! WHAT? That’s not true anymore, after I lived in London, but it is a wonderful city that marries the old & new perfectly.

August 2010
Yes, we went to a cemetery at night and saw Adam Smith’s grave. Adam Smith–the father of the free market! Kind of. Anyway, Canongate Kirkyard had a few other famous Scots. However, we were a bit unfamiliar with famous Scots. That was our bad, we need to be better versed on other cultures.
A main reason to even go to Edinburgh for me was the Birthplace of Harry Potter. Basically, JK Rowling lived in Edinburgh (and still has a house there) when she was poor and Harry Potter was just an idea written up on a napkin in a train. So, she would order one cup of coffee from the Elephant House and sit and write for hours. We were there around sunset and saw that castle & arena from the window and HOGWARTS just popped into my head. Does that NOT look like the quidditch pitch? COME ON!
Just a kitty corner from the Royal Mile (a cobblestoned street that is between the castle and palace) are a slew of high street shops like Topshop, H&M, Urban Outfitters and the like. I was floored at how modern it felt–I could literally see the castle from outside the Urban doors. Capitalism at its finest? Maybe.

As you can see, Edinburgh is beautiful. Being there with my family in the summer was extremely nice. Great weather, kind people (not surprisingly) and no worries. However, we didn’t get to see the castle. No worries, we returned just two years later!

This time we went during Fringe Festival! The BEST time to visit Edinburgh, actually.

Going to the top of the castle, though killer on the legs because of the uneven cobblestones and steep incline, is highly recommended. And for goo reason—look at that view! We didn’t go inside the castle, just walked around the grounds, but that was more than enough. Really not much more to say, but it’s a great walk on a summer’s day.

We saw a small play that was a recreation of the Titanic. It was short and everyone in the audience received a description of someone who boarding the Titanic. It was a sad play, but I can’t say more because I’m not a thespian and I don’t often go to the theatre. I liked it and I think you’d be remiss if you didn’t take part in a comedy show, music concert or play of sorts while at Fringe.

A dog grave-–saddest thing ever, but he was buried next to his owner, whose grave he guarded until he died. Sweetest thing ever, Edinburgh.

Aaaaand we returned to the Elephant House! This time, I took photos in the bathroom where everyone had written their love for miss Jo. It was heartwarming and a great way for me to leave Edinburgh.

Though I haven’t been back since, I think Edinburgh has something for everyone. Probably a great place for families, but also I have a friend who studied abroad there and loved it, too. It’s weird that I feel I don’t have much to say about Edinburgh–I haven’t been back in the past few years. A trip is definitely going to happen soon, though. I want to see it in the winter with all the lights & snow. I’m sure it’s lovely and then I can add to my post!

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