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When the heat wave to end all heat waves hit England, I googled “best beaches in south England” and found the Jurassic Coast was full of them. Also, this Youtube filmmaker Jack Harries had posted an instagram of Durdle Door on the hottest day since 2006. Wherever he goes seems to be the most beautiful places in the world, so I was down. It was only a 2 hour drive from where we live (near London) and my father was still with us. First family trip of the summer!

So, I dragged my parents down to Kingston Lacy first. The roses were in full bloom and smelling SO GOOD. I rarely comment on how great flowers smell — probably because I take that for granted. But these roses really smell different than others. Anyway, here are some pictures. We had great scones and cream tea at the cafe after checking out the Japanese gardens.

Then, we headed to Lulworth Cove! So many signs said there were poisonous snakes (Adders) living in the cliffs, so I steered pretty clear. Can you see the fear etched in my face? I think my aviators mask it pretty well.

My dog was definitely too scared to go close to the edge. It was a steep drop off though, so I’m glad she has common sense.
As you can see, it was gorgeous. I wish it had been warmer (around 66 F) so I wasn’t so chilly in the wind, but hey it’s England. I can’t complain about the weather when it changes every hour.
Then, we headed to an extremely windy and pebbly Chesil Beach (near Weymouth & Portland) to eat our picnic dinner. It was such a nice day and I almost forgot that it was America’s birthday! Sorry the British people tried to steal you, boo.

Short and sweet (for once). Hope that you all have been inspired to visit parts of the UK that most non-EU passport holders wouldn’t think of. If you do visit any of these places, send me an e-mail telling me all about it!

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