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Here’s a more unconventional post for you, but I needed to start blogging about America (seeing as it’s where I have lived for most of my life). The Texas Renaissance Festival is a fair in the forest about an hour and a half from Houston. I went there on a school field trip when I was 10 years old and I remember loving it. Cotton candy, fairy crowns & wands, face painting, turkey legs the size of your head and giant swing rides? I was entranced. I also loved fairies and pixies when I was a kid. You can bet I was all over fantasy novels (I even started a life-long friendship over our mutual adoration for The Great Tree series!).

Tangent aside, I hadn’t been to the Texas Ren Fest since that fateful class trip. Why? Well, school became more difficult and then Thanksgiving Breaks were full of family times, so I didn’t end up returning. When I left for college in Austin and my friend told me there was a similar thing called the Sherwood Forest Faire less than an hour away, I was down & determined. I dragged my beautiful friends along for the ride.

Yep, it’s a sundial.
There was a castle so we went inside to sit on the throne!
This is close to when we were hooked on Game of Thrones. It was flaw free.
We are a cute bunch.
Loads of places to drink beer, I must say. At first, I thought that Texas and Renaissance fair don’t exactly mix. Seems more of a northeastern thing because of the history and Old English vibes. As soon as you see the watering holes, the overlap becomes clear.
THERE WAS A COFFEE SHOP. I was surprised and pleasantly pleased.
There are my incredibly attractive & catalogue-worthy friends navigating the maze. OH THE LIGHTING. I LOVE IT. Yeah, we paid exorbitant amounts of money on this day. No worries, the things were were most looking forward to (jousting & the large swing ride) were free!
I believe this is a chocolate dipped cheesecake?? Frozen?? Yes. It was also great weather on this day!
Yay the jousting match! It was a little confusing but not too shabby.
I don’t know what he did wrong, but it must’ve been pretty horrible.
I guess I have no pictures of the swing ride, but just imagine a massive bench-like porch swing attached by thick ropes to a swing set. You sit in the bench with your friends and they wind up the ropes to pull you back and then release you. Gravity does the rest. So peaceful. So nice.
Yeah, these fair(e)s are not cheap, but there are ways to go there on a budget. It’s really simple–just don’t buy any food. Yeah, bring your own snacks in your bag (nobody checks anything) and munch on them throughout the day. If you have kids (or are a kid at heart) then spend a few money on rides or games, but choose wisely. Come with only cash (vendors don’t take cards anyway) and then you have a finite amount to spend. Only buy one souvenir if you have to buy any at all. I don’t think I bought anything. In hindsight, I wish I had, but I might go back this year. Who knows? It was a really good time.
Also, I wouldn’t recommend going with a huge group because you probably won’t all want to be in the same place at the same time. I’m glad it was just us three musketeers because we’re pretty easygoing (well…they are and they don’t mind humoring me oops) and not hell-bent on doing ALL OF THE THINGS. Overall, good times. Good people. Great laughs.
Young Lion

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