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Are you as excited as I am to be able to say I’ve been to FOUR continents? Okay, besides bragging purposes, Australia is on everyone’s bucket list. If it isn’t, it really should be. It’s the definition of chill. I see Australian travelers everywhere I’ve been and they are always sitting somewhere, drinking something awesome and having a good time. Also, they know their fashion. Simple cottons never looked so good.

So we crossed the Tasman Sea and made our way to Sydney. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from Sydney because we were going to Cairns to reunite with our cousins post-Sydney. I’m more of a sand & sun kinda person. I was a bit sick of being stuck in winter when I usually get my hot 100 degree summer. However, I loved the Sydney Opera House. Super reminiscent of the Oslo Opera House, right? Of course, Sydney’s is a bit more popular.
There’s my family–cheesing really hard. We went to the stairs and took in the city. I think we were a bit lost on the bus system, but figured it out quick enough. Then, we headed to the aquarium! Not exactly my favorite place to be. With my fear of the ocean and all–but I like animals! NOT SHARKS.
I didn’t include pictures of clown fish (Nemo!), giant sea turtles (Crash!) and the actual sharks in tanks (NO NO NO NO), but we saw all of that. It’s pretty boss city aquarium, though. It warrants a visit from those who can appreciate those critters.
Yeah, I posed for this. There’s that bag I loved so much. I also loved that Aeropostale shirt too.
I thought that building looked so much like a castle–not sure what it is, but it isn’t a castle. We were just walking along and saw this view of the bridge & city. Sorry my photo skills weren’t to par (again).
Here’s the famous Bondi Beach! It was nice, but cold water isn’t fun. We still scrambled onto rocks and pretended to be New Mermaids.
Look at this Australian flag shining proudly on top of bridge! Any Mary-Kate and Ashley fans out there recognize this bridge? Our Lips Are Sealed? Let me jog your memory.
What a throwback right? Loved that date #goals 
Come to think of it, maybe all the MK&A movies are the reason I have been so ready to travel?
My sister actually wanted to walk along the bridge (and I think I was down but not super keen) but it was way too expensive and someone in my family isn’t the biggest fan of heights. 
Then, I guess we finished off our time in Sydney on top of the Sydney Tower–enjoy this blurry picture of Sydney at sunset. Love those sunset views!
I have always loved views from the sky. I even made a short-lived blog based on them!
So, I tend to have a camera in my hand as I snag the window seat (much to the chagrin of my sister. our perennial fight for plane seats) Enjoy these aerial shots of Australia–they actually aren’t half bad right?
Look at that great barrier reef! We snorkeled in that for a bit—but I guess I didn’t bring my camera because I have zero pictures of that. But I do have pictures of our visit to the Cairns tropical zoo! Now this zoo is not like any other. Most of the animals, including scary-looking emus, are allowed to roam free. Some are under bridges (like crocodiles) but there really isn’t any caging. It’s up to the It’s full of ancient looking animals. Take this guy.
This is the Southern Cassowary. When I took this photo from Facebook, the caption I wrote back in ’08 was “OLDEST BIRD ALIVE”. Now, I’m not saying I don’t trust my 15-year-old self, but I have a tendency to dramatize situations (oops). So, I fact-checked and found that it’s the largest Australian bird, but nothing about oldest. It just has that dinosaur-scale-looking thing on the top of its head that makes it look prehistoric. Anyway, I remember being obsessed with it but couldn’t get a great picture (this is before the invention of the selfie, apparently)
And then we saw the typical animals of Australia–a wallaby, a crocodile and a koala. Surprisingly, the koala was awake? Dunno who did that. As I was saying before, the crocodile honestly could’ve made a move on us because the only barriers were natural trenches the he could’ve crawled through. However, our guide dude told me that they feed the croc regularly so it isn’t interested. It’s lazy. He also ate a green ant butt so I’m not sure how much I value his words. Though, he seemed to enjoy that green stuff.
I got to feed a kangaroo! That’s me! I touched a kangaroo! Also I was almost chased by an emu. I walked briskly away from it because those things are intimidating as hell.
Casual feeding time. There’s my uncle there, watching patiently. There’s an emu in the back.
The weather in Cairns was JUST what I asked for. So warm in the winter! It was pretty packed on the beaches actually. I remember snorkeling and being afraid of ruining the coral on the great barrier reef (it’s really easy to touch it with your flipper). I was afraid that I was going to undo thousands of years worth of life.
So, I feel slightly awkward putting these pictures up. We visited an aboriginal cultural park to learn about the Tjabukai . I mean, we knew some things about the Maori in New Zealand, but many of them have assimilated into the culture. I had no idea about any of the political and social problems going on in Australia or NZ back then–I was pretty glib to stuff like that when I was 15. If you want to learn more about that, please refer to this and this.
Right, that being said, the aboriginal culture was being shared with me and I’m sorry if the face paint I don & tools I hold offend anyone. There’s my cousin in the background trying to play a didgeridoo. Quite difficult, actually.
Of course, Australia is different from any other place I’ve been. I remember loving it, but I definitely want to go back now as an adult. I feel like I could get much more out of it if I drove through the outback and just explored more remote areas.
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