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Though I am not as obsessed with cats as my sister (she is a bona fide Crazy Cat Lady & loving it), I do think they can be fun. When they want to be, that is. I’ve grown up with cats, so I definitely don’t hate them. They can be really cute–especially when asleep. Would I want to have tea & cakes with them? Mmmm…what???

So, my sister made an appointment to have tea with the kitties at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium after missing out during the summer when they first opened. She was determined this time around! Anyway, I guess she has been following their Facebook page for a few months, because she knew the names of all 12 cats that live there! And she had a favorite. Princess Petra.

Honestly, the food menu was quite varied & the specialty coffees sounded great. So, if you have people in the group who aren’t as into the felines, they can at least get a good high tea out of it. Going along with the theme, I ordered the “Petra”. It was a mocha (I think?) with raspberry syrup & a bit of chilli in it! Three things I absolutely love & it was pretty damn good. The coffee art of Petra’s face on top didn’t hurt the presentation either. The red velvet cake wasn’t the best one I’ve ever had (it wasn’t moist enough for me), but still satisfying.
The cat above is Petra–she was quite the Princess (as the lovely cat entertainer lady was telling us). She was pretty, but very sleepy. She disappeared to sleep in peace at some point, but my sister was satisfied in just seeing her.
This rapscallion is called Romeo. He was the only cat in the whole place that was awake when we went (Don’t go around 4-5:30 I guess! The best time to go is in the morning because the cats are eager for attention after a full night of rest.) He was extremely playful and entertaining. As soon as my father got up from his chair to go to the loo, Romeo took his place as if it were his seat all along. It was hilarious. Though, my dad didn’t find it as funny hehe.
The place was decorated really well! The lighting was quite yellow/red so it was difficult to get good pictures, but there was a large world map behind our comfortable couch. There are two floors and an old-world / french charm to the entire place.
All in all, I think the people working there were really nice (especially the lady with the long black hair) and knowledgable about the cats. The lady who talked to us gave us load of information and attention, I felt a bit bad for the rest of the guests. Oops!
8/10 would recommend for cat lovers. Just be sure to book at least a few weeks or even months in advance (especially if you’re going during the summer) and snag a morning slot. The breakfast is probably divine! Maybe look up the cats beforehand and show an interest with the employees, because I think my sister’s enthusiasm is the reason we got so much interaction with Romeo.
Oh, and bring a camera that has good capabilities in lowlight!
Young Lion

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