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So, I’ve been to London countless times now. I also lived there for a full summer doing a study abroad/internship thing in 2013. I’m not sure the best way to organize my London posts, so I’ll just put them in parts. Though I have some nightlife tips, I don’t have many pictures. You don’t exactly want to lug a DSLR around in heels and skirts. However, I have photos from restaurants & tourist spots & the like.

December 2014
We started off our few days in the city for NYE with a nice brisk walk up the 528 steps to the 365-feet-high view of the city. Breathtaking & a head rush (literally because it was so windy & the dome was closing seeing as it was sunset). The colors though–the city lights on the backdrop of cerulean fading to vermillion. Unbeatable. I always tell people that there is no sunset like a Texas sunset. Yet, that was before I saw the sunset on a pale, English winter day. It was very reminiscent of the colors used in Her. Right? RIGHT?
Which one is London and which one is LA right?? (Ok jokes aside, I was feeling the Her vibes real hard)
Like, seriously? Could that view be beat? I don’t want to write too much because I just want the photos to blow you away. Though we were being pushed around the top so that they could close the dome and begin Evensong, I kind of preferred it that way. Just sitting at the top and staring off would have made me fall dangerously in love with that view & that city.
Every time I’ve been away from London for a few months, I think to myself that I won’t be able to live there & I need to stay in the states to work. Yet, as soon as I go back for a few days, I’m in its trap. I see the posh restaurants & coffee shops, the variety of languages floating in conversations (as I’m eavesdropping/people watching), the excellent public transport and the electricity (refer to the photo below). It pulls me back, man. I don’t know.
WARNINGS: If you’re mildly afraid of heights, stay in the stone gallery. As you can see from one of the pictures above, you can’t get past or even see past the high stone pillars, so it isn’t terrifying there. However, the stairs up to the Golden Gallery are steep, metal spiral staircases. Like the type you see in loft apartments, but many stacked on top of each other. They shake & creak & have large gaps between. Nobody really warned us about this, so it’s a good thing that we didn’t mind.
Also, there is a portion after the stone gallery where you have to crouch into a small, stone-surrounded hole with steep, stone stairs (just for a bit). If you’re claustrophobic, definitely stay away. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend even going up the stairs in the dome if you’re claustrophobic. They are cramped spaces & there will be impatient (albeit rudely) tourists behind you.
Parting thoughts, it’s a semi-tough climb. It’s 100% worth it–but definitely try to enter about  an hour or so before sunset. I think that’s when they allow the last group to enter. We reached the Whispering Gallery and everything was fine. However, there was a 30 minute wait at the Stone Gallery (which was outdoors & just a bit chilly/windy) to go up the last steps to the Golden Gallery (the highest point visitors can go).
Young Lion
P.S. Bonus shots!

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