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It’s common in the USA for families to celebrate Christmas. Of course, Christian families naturally celebrate it, but then the spirit sort of creeps up on other people and takes over. Eventually, it’s difficult to not be singing along to Christmas songs on the radio, lighting candles and baking sweet treats. It’s festive. It’s merry. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 

My sister and my friends are the main reason I still like Christmas & the lights that deck all the streets (even in Texas). I loved driving around to look at the lights in downtown/uptown/the nice neighborhoods of Houston. I thought it couldn’t get better than that. Boy, was I wrong.

Christmas in Europe is another deal. Keep all the warmth and festivity and lights, but add in centuries-old cathedrals, well-dressed citizens, actually cold weather, roasted chestnuts, Ice Skating rinks, Christmas crackers and the best part — Christmas Markets! 

That’s where the town of Winchester comes in. My family has visited Winchester for the past three Christmases. My mother can’t get enough of the market and I love how the whole town is decked out. We haven’t been there when it isn’t Christmas, so it is sort of a town frozen in time in my mind. It feels to me like it doesn’t exist at any other time of year. Not really.

Of course, that’s just silly and unfair to the citizens of Winchester. 

So, I guess I’m all about traditions, because we have also watched The Hobbit (the first & third films) at this cinema, Everyman. In Winchester. It is like an independent cinema with cool snacks & cocktails you can eat inside & a sort of swanky ambiance. Yet, totally family friendly. The only reason we didn’t watch the second film there was because we didn’t have time in 2013. I was sad about it, but it’s fine because we did go just a few weeks ago and it hadn’t changed! Well, they didn’t have the hobbit-themed door anymore, but it’s okay 🙂

The above photos are from the 2012 Christmas market. I edited the colors SO much, so sorry about that. My editing style has changed since (as you will see very soon). Still, you can see the lights & magic & aaah I want to go back. It’s no longer Christmas though 😦
Flowers are gorgeous. They make me want to develop a green thumb hmm
We actually went inside the famously old cathedral this time around. It was gorgeous (as usual) and Jane Austen was buried underneath it.
I guess it’s not as romantic in the daytime? Oh well–I bought a few cards (my favorite thing to buy is stationary) and had a few chestnuts (I’m actually not a fan of chestnuts…oops).
That’s me! I’ve had that coat for ages (maybe 3 or 4 years) and it’s from Old Navy. The scarf is truly Scottish (kind of) and it’s from Edinburgh Woolen Mill.
Isn’t that food cart just the most European thing you’ve seen? I would NEVER see a food trolley/cart/whatever like that in Texas. Ever.
Yeah, these lights put Houston lights to shame.
That’s enough from me! I hope you had merry & bright Christmases (or at least holiday seasons if you do not celebrate Christmas). There are many more posts in the works. Lots of travels to cover!
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