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People who live in Cornwall have a lot of Pride. I think it’s kind of like the Texas of England because they always want to break off from England and be their own country. Except it’s way more naturally gorgeous than most parts of Texas. The names of the places seem like another world–Penzance, for example. Full of crashing waves and sunshine. And sunburned brits. Just look up pictures of Land’s End. No wonder writers and painters alike are so inspired by it.

It does take ages to get there, though. We had to take a few days off and even then we only visited the northern part of the place. But the beaches are sandy! Such a nice change from the pebbly, pokey beaches of Southern England. I finally put on a swimsuit and actually got into the water. I love swimming and the ocean–but I do have some soft, un-calloused feet.
June 2014
A few brave snorkelers / divers brave the cold, choppy waters (even in summer!) and I get an epic picture out of it all. 

Mum with a cornetto

Mum & sis

Hidden beach we saw from our boat trip along the coast

I don’t have too much to say about our family trip to Cornwall. We saw a lot of natural beauty, only exerted ourselves a small amount at Cheddar Gorge (they age the cheese in the caves! spooky), and soaked up some sun whilst barbecuing. I even got a little burn on my shoulder! Exciting.

That being said—Cornwall is all it is cracked up to be. Not AS different from the rest of England as they would like to be, but damn those Cornish pasties are good. 

Young Lion

P.S. Here are some extra photos! I realized this one was a bit light on pictures (whereas I am a shutterbug who takes way too many pictures). I had to rectify the situation immediately.
No, we aren’t twins.

My dog, Pixie, barking at the ocean. What a life.

More views from our boat trip along the coast.
Just some beach greenery

Cornettooooooo (essential to a proper British summer)

Where Doc Marten is set!

Me & my ombre scarf/kimono thing at the beach. That thing is really difficult to style, man.

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