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My name is Madhu. This is my travel/lifestyle blog. I really like to see my life through a creative eye, but I need to push myself to create. I think if I have a public blog, I can hold myself more accountable to posting. I want to make short videos, post more artsy/thoughtful pictures,  and ruminate on events that happen in my life in a constructive way. Currently, I have journals & notepads & a flickr & a youtube & a personal Tumblr & a Pinterest — all these creative outlets, but there is no steady stream. You can’t really look at these and know what’s going on in my life. Therefore, here’s a catchall blog. It’ll be mainly focused on the travels and journeys that I don’t want to forget–but other creative tidbits will be interspersed as well.

I have had an extremely fortunate childhood filled with family travels during most breaks in school. Don’t be fooled–I wasn’t raised with a silver spoon. I do not take these trips for granted and I have seen how my parents would budget & save to take them. We emigrated from India to the UAE when I was not yet 2 years old. However, my father always wanted to move to America. After a few years, my mother obtained a visa and we moved to Houston. For a few years, we hopped from apartment to apartment. We scrimped on material goods and eating out so that we could go back to India to visit our family often. I suppose that’s how my parents knew that seeing the world was more important to them than driving a Maserati, eating expensive foods or staying in luxury hotels. Our travels began with our visit to London when I was just 7 years old. Though my memory has been spotty, I don’t usually recall the hotels we stay in during vacations. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the people and the activities are what matter. I don’t want these memories to slip away, so I wanted to make this blog to remind myself. Of course, I only really picked up a camera when I entered my teenage years, but I could do some special “flashback” posts if I get my hands on some film pictures from before. We mainly roamed the USA before I was 10 though.

a background

I was born in New Delhi, moved to Abu Dhabi when I was young and then Houston at the age of 4. I’m basically American with that Indian twist. My parents currently live near London (they moved in 2012). I graduated from university in December 2014 and I plan on going to grad school but there are more thoughts on that. I was a Psychology major with a Business minor. Those are the cold hard facts, but already there are so many reasons these facts alone don’t define me. Of course, those who know me know my life up until this point. For the most part.
The title of this blog, Love, Young Lion, was created after much deliberation. My first name means ‘Honey’ in Hindi and my last name means ‘Lion’ so I wanted to call it ‘Honey Lion’ or ‘Sweet Lion’ or something, but that sounded strange. I love Vampire Weekend and they have a brilliant song called “Young Lion”, so I decided to incorporate that (plus the meaning behind the title of the song is very relevant to me). I am the youngest in my four person family (I have an older sister) so I guess I qualify? I also find that themes of youth and free spirited-ness kind of define my life. I am a perennial teenager.
Young Lion

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